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Russia's economy is collapsing Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug of his actions in Ukraine that you Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug championed with you ideological garbage.

What did you think would happen when Russia annexed the Crimea and threatens to annex Eastern Ukraine and perhaps the Baltic states? Backing the Ruble with gold is a declaration of war to the USA I hope they find a solution. It is not fair to receive such a punishment for trying to break away from the dollar mafia.

Saker This is the kind of event that makes taking the action you describe possible and "reasonable". It has Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug get bad before you have a good excuse to act. Removing incompetent officials and reforming the system after a disaster on their watch is the name of the game.

In the worst case, Russia could still get financing from the Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug bank of which Russia is co-ownerrather than the IMF as Russia had to do in If need be, they could also Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug currency controls to stop speculators.

Malaysians did this in and were the first country to recover from the crisis. Maybe they should emulate the PBOC, China's central bank never fully joined the cabal of the IMF,etc. The Chinese do what is best for their own affairs and remain connected only loosely to Spielautomaten Pferden global system.

They protected the yuan from manipulation and speculation. Putin inherited this mess and the dangerous positioning. He does not have the levers the Chinese have. And it isn't that he won't act.

He can't act until the impact is a question of national security. That is getting close. But he needs prayers to help him and Russia get through this assault by Saudi Arabia on the oil price and London and the speculators and hedge funds and oligarchs who have enormous levers over these sectors of Russian economy. Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug can't fire grads at the Forex.

As Einstein said - one can not solve the problem with the same mind set that created the problem at the first place. This is a western financial system so of course they can hurt anyone. Do you really believe, that these western machinations can force Russia to submit?

And that Putin with his advisors doesn't know what to do about it? If Putin fails, lets hope that the Russian Communist Party will take over and re-create the Soviet Union.

Russian communist Party remains a genuine communist party committed to socialism although with patriotic elements. It is the 2nd largest party and lost the elections by fraud. Don't forget currency speculators. They can gang up to destroy a currency. The only defence is wie das in Online-Casino erhalten controls, which Russia must hasten to introduce.

Sending the likes of George Soros to his Maker would be a useful early step. It is an act of war on people, not trading in a market. These circumcised tribalist freaks are trolling for shekels, no need to pay their salaries. If you look at the Russian economy you see great natural resources, oil and gas, in huge reserves, tremendous military equipment and jet and missile and rocket engine technology, plenty of gold, and strong software and scientific intellectual property and producers.

Those don't get diminished because of the ruble. Their value is evident in the hundreds of billions of dollars in deals Putin arranges everywhere he travels. The Russian ruble was a weak sister all along. They need to switch to the yuan, ditch the ruble for now and get stability in the financial system. This sector of the economy has been in the hands of the West from the getgo.

It hasn't been Russian for a minute. It's a Western asset controlled by the West. Time is close for fumigation. The moment of change is upon us. Don't lose sight of the positives.

Are you suggesting that I delete every stupid or ugly post? I need to ask the community. As for Jack, I don't think that he is a real paid troll Rather a moron pissed at the success of this blog No biggie, really. Anyway, have a great day! We can imagine how some people cried "The sky is falling" when Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug was before Moscow Anglo-Zionist financial system has not defeated Cuba, Iran Economics is politics, politics is economics.

You cant really separate the two today. You can't have true political sovereignity if someone else controls your monetary system and how you spend your money, so to speak. Which is why most of Europe is not sovereign. Russia has tied it currency and economy to the US dollar. Americans Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug the dollar and those same people want to bring Russia to heel.

The solution is to break the link with the US dollar and fix the value of the Ruble on a purchasing power basis. Select a basket of internationally available goods and get their price in all major countries. The Ruble should not float freely, that just puts Russia in the hands of Soros and Goldman Sachs. The Ruble does not need to be backed by gold. Rubles are needed to pay Russian taxes and to buy Russian goods.

There is a natural demand for Rubles. My feelings are you are just about right. Unfortunately, since Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug war is very much on the economic front, a lot of articles become utterly incomprehensible to someone with a science background.

I see Venezuela even more than Cuba as the moral compass of latin America, even as mr Chavez and mr Maduro make their mistakes, just like any leader does. This country is not ready for this crisis, and the US has just issued mild sanctions for violations of human rights.

The independent world would loose a lot more than a few rubles if Venezuela would fall it would mean the fall of the continent imo. It must be difficult for the Russians to support these governments, but Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug believe this is extremely crucial. When it would become necessary, I would go there and fight the enemies!

Poroshenko wants to attack Crimea just a little bit,,8 kilometeres http: The situation gets crazier by the hour. According to the Moscow Times, the devaluation was authorized by Putin. Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug heads of the budget committee of the Duma, members of All Russia Party, have voiced their backing for nabullina.

As it stands, she will Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug to reach the USAian embassy, a lamp post or hara kiri is her fate. Contagion Most worryingly, Russia's problems are starting to spread. Fears of another devaluation are mounting fast, as Kazakhstan's economy remains closely tied to Sie Spiel aparata besplatnopryamo Empfehlungen as well as being a major oil exporter.

Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug week the Turkish lira sank to its lowest levels against the dollar for a year, despite Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug fact it is one of the big winners from falling oil prices, as it is heavily dependent on oil and gas imports.

Likewise, China, another major energy importer. Collapsing currencies around the world, coupled with the "death spiral" of selling in the oil markets, is sparking worries that we are coming to the point where things could spin out of control — and not just for Russia. I'm with the 'stop panicking' group, even though I really don't understand the play of economics here.

I do feel something is going on at the other end of the string - that is, on the investment end - and here's a post from that side of things this morning: This tells me that sure, fine, Russia IS hurting as the western oligarchs pull out, but where are they going to go? Economically speaking, it seems this is similar to the Nato-at-your-back-door tactics, and chickens do come home to roost eventually.

Capitulation to western pressures on this front seems as much a no-win tactic as Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug was when Russia was being tempted to invade with all flags flying and thus initiate the mother of all wars. Probably not even the frenzied oligmafia, but they in their own midasminds have no choice but to do what they are doing. It's the only way forward. Ben Aris, one thing I know. These are NOT "Russia's problems"! They are the problems of western criminal economic activity - go back and read Naomi Klein's "Shock Doctrine" Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug you will find the Chicago Boys at the very heart of this black hole manner of conducting international affairs.

You break it; you own it was the underlining mantra and so they did. These are NOT Russia's problems! Once again Putin showed weakness in the military field after Odessa and even more on the economic. I'm not a specialist,but I read a lot about economics since I knew this was going to happen,as EAP in the Daily Telegraph told us in sept.

This guy is an intelligence agent,he is rarely wrong. It is just a new kind of war. Only option left for Putin is to show force,but really big force. Being on the financial field and or on the military one. They will not stop their attack,till Crimea is back in Ukraine. It is not even about the Donbass anymore. They just want regime change in Moscow,even if they at first sight loose trillions,they will get them back after if they can seize all russians energy reserves which is their only target.

The Russian Ruble Is Hereby Halted Until Further Notice http: Now there is a real reason panic this was not the case earlier during this year. Juliana has it right. They break it and then swoop in and buy it cheap. Shock Doctrine is a must read, even though Klein is a diehard leftist Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug Canada, double whammy. I know very little with regards to Economics, Currency Trading, and the Stock Market, but I do have a few opinions on some of these things.

I do occasionally read News Articles on what Experts are saying, but I do not understand the more difficult aspects, but we know that ants do not use Money, and yet accomplice all that is needed for themselves and territory, because they practice Fairness, Justice, and Equity among themselves, and toward their own colony.

There is a practice of going short or long on a Company or commercial situation, and I do not know if that applies to Currency Trading in certain Countries at http: I do not believe that going short or betting against some businesses or currency should be allowed, because it is Source in another Spielautomaten mit Münzen. This is because the Terrorist Vultures Conspire against good businesses who Employ People, and then some of those People lose their jobs, and the Economy of that Country suffers, and we all know of the Asian Financial crisis of Investors and those Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug buy Shares on the Stock Market should only be allowed to Profit the Proper Way, and that is Only on the Merits of that commercial situation.

They say that if you want to be a successful Country, then you should Copy the best aspects of successful Countries, and I would include how Malaysia acted during the Financial crisis, and the former Socialist Yugoslavia, and other some Countries.

Several things that you missed off your list of reasons: Russia's economy has been in reverse long before Ukraine. Scroll back to mid and the downturn in the Russian economy was on the cards. Under Putin whilst the country has made progress, it's failed to invest in other industries in particularly manufacturing. But the right type of manufacturing. The saying 'all your eggs in one basket' springs to mind.

Hopefully Russia will take note and diversify in the coming years, but it's going to be a few years in the winter before things change. Or oil radically picks up. That it is traded in long term contracts and stays stable for long periods of time only makes it more Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug when it breaks out.

Low short term volatility is sacrificed for sudden massive movements. While the oil prices continues to collapse, no one will touch the rouble, and the central bank would be well advised not to do so either. The worsening ruble of the past Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug weeks is only the consequence of the oil price which has fallen much further to new lows. Wait for the bounce - once oil stabilises the rouble will too. To buttress my comment at In other words, tail risks are bigger than they appear.

Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug of the things that favor worse outcomes than one might otherwise anticipate is investor irrationality, or what one might politely call herd behavior. For instance, a major news story today was how investors are dumping emerging markets assets willy nilly, when many are not exposed to much if any blowback from lower commodity prices and quite a few are seen as net beneficiaries.

The offset is that central banks have been conditioned Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug break glass and overreact when banks start looking wobbly. But the Fed may be slow to get the memo, since it sees recent data the last jobs reports and retail sales data as strong, and is also predisposed to see its medicine as working even though it is really working only for those at the top of the food chain.

For the money boys only. They are not working for the Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug of us. And that business of 'jobs and retail sales strong' is hokum. Everyone wants actions that do not strengthen the underlying currency problem.

Firing someone or forcing capital controls does not bring capital flows to stabilize the currency. In order for currency to stabilize there has to be a belief that no matter what happens you could get your money out of that country.

The plane here is not dollar or ruble but purchasing power of an individual once, through, and after capital is deployed. Look at all the prices in Russia they are tied to the dollar and yet the local purchasing power is not, so any devaluation is real for every resident in local currency.

In order for wage-price spirals to stabilize you need to push through real wage hikes through the entirety of the private sector or some other things but they are unlikely to occur. It is theoretically possible to Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug and force a country wide wage hike to the tune of devaluation the outcome of Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug would adjust things but the flows of capital would stop completely.

The ruble is weak because: A gold-exchangeable ruble would cure inflation by ending the printing Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug money. Instead of being printed, money would have to be mined at great expense. The problem for Russia is that a period of reckless inflationary finance has coincided with the collapse in oil price. There is no magic solution. Times ripe for capital controls the sooner the better. Putin really is a superman. But money markets are not directed by government fiat.

If they were, they would not be markets. The ruble, as a convertible currency, is subject to the vagaries of the market. At present, market conditions are extremely unfavorable to the ruble and will only improve when supply and demand for the ruble come into balance. At present, there are many foreign currency loans to Russian corporations coming due.

That means many rubles have to be sold to acquire Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug necessary foreign currency, which drives the value of the ruble down. There are Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug things that would strengthen the ruble: This presumably is what Putin is hoping for, and certainly for an oligarch in London, Paris on New York, if your gonna return home, now's the time when you can buy Russian assets for half what they'd have cost a month or two ago.

But contrary to thoughts expressed by some here, the ruble collapse is not primarily due to evil foreigners, although John McCain must be laughing. I have followed the blog for a while now. However i think i just stumbled on the key from a link posted here. Russia is a member of the FED. This makes this whole thing just another horse and pony show. Russia like all the west the Govt is just administrators, they dont control there boarders there money or anything else.

They do as the controllers of the fed say or all other members gangup on them weather they want Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug or not.

Russia has only 2 chioces they can submit or close down the FED all else is the Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug show. Putin has the vote he needs to make his decision. The FED wont go down without a fight. We the rest that also have a FED will do as were told even though we know were next. Unfortunately, few are doing the numbers here Collapse of the Rouble is due to longs exiting the FOREX market. The amount of FOREX traded, most particularly the amount of open positions far exceeds the physical stock of Roubles, BOE, or anything else.

This is only possible because the Electronic Rouble is a faceless commodity. Were the Electronic Rouble a security, as is the case with the physical paper Rouble, the RCB could control the volume of Rouble sales, and most importantly would know the amount of Roubles held outside Russia.

Of course, Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug Russia to demand immediate prepayment of all exports in Roubles, Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug for Roubles would sky rocket, drying up speculative selling. I'm sure that every one who has open eyes and mind must have expected such attack on Russia currency. And I really doubt that the guys responsible for strategic decisions in the russian government haven't prepared any response to such scenario that would have taken into account all these events we are experiencing in the recent days.

Do you think they Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug from day to day? They don't call it the petrodollar for nothing. The US military owns the middle east and thus Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug can cat's paw the Saudis into pumping at full throttle. This is good for the West and thus they can das beste Online-Casino mit Roulette out as long as oil producers are willing to take it on the chin.

The question now becomes one of pre-Sochi. Allow the multi-polar order to come into being or continue Programm für Hacker Spielautomaten dominance of the West?

The West snubbed Putin then a mere year ago and wants him gone. The other nations of world will be the jury: Are they ready to stand up for a multi-polar order by backing Russia, or will they stand idly by and ensure Western dominance for at least another generation? Actually Russia can dio this on its own if it has too. It's a moment of truth. Sergei Glaziev has laid the case as to what is to be done to protect the ruble and the Russian economy in his recently published policy manifesto: Stupidity is worse than theft that Saker published on this site a week or so ago.

This important document is a must read. We Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug all refer to it. BTW it is funny to see the reaction.

When people, women and small children were killed, people starving, war raging Now there is money issue and everybody is panicking. Is this not strange? Guys, think a little bit more. Saker, I don't think the Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug you mentioned are really important.

What really counts at the moment is perception. And although you believe that Russia has a quite strong economy outside oil it is clear that the market doesn't belief that. And that leads to the belief that the ruble is bound to fall more. The rise of the interest rates was meant to hit the speculators. Speculators usually are highly leveraged. Say they borrow a million in rubles, then they immediately change those for dollars or euros.

A week later - when the ruble has fallen yet more - they change them back and pay off their loan. It is an old trick: Making borrowing more expensive can be a good way to counter that game.

If the ruble rises and the interest rates too those speculators can suffer huge loses. And usually that is enough to have them stop their play. It is a very high stake game where tens of billions can be at stake. It looks like the Russian Central Bank miscalculated. Remember that Russia has increased oil production. So one shouldn't put all the blame on OPEC. My impression is that the OPEC countries calculate that keeping the oil price low for some time will kill a lot of new exploration projects see http: That creates room to keep the oil price on an acceptable height for the coming years.

Inspired by the dramatic fall in the Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug ruble accompanied by a quite strong fall in the Norwegian krone btwI dug up some old material from aroundabout the SE Asian crisis and Malaysian PM Mahathir's response with capital controls. At the time I was on a sabbatical in Sydney and followed Mahathir's politics with interest and enthusiasm. The Bank Negara the M. Also hitting Iran and Venezuela. Vegas Ruby Gutscheincode heute 300 Fortune Rubel von should follow Mahathir's example and institute capital controls.

The only two tools allowed in neoliberal dogma of buying foreign currency or interest rate hikes do not work. See also this article today: PDF Keep up the good work, Saker! I have asked for expert opinions and I hope to get them soon. In the meantime, here is my own take on this which, caveat emptor, is backed by ZERO personal expertise in these matters. The second reason is wrong as well. The third reason is as wrong as the previous two.

Guys this one is for the long haul. No need to panic every time a mortar round Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug close to home. Chill out and watch Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug ANNA Syria combat videos on Youtube.

See how cool those SAA dudes are under fire? Beating up on Russia's financial economy will not destroy its real economy. Russia is not collapsing.

What is happening is akin to the stock price of a company with Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug strong fundamentals falling under speculative attack. There will be a strong correction, because the fundamentals are strong. The value is still there, Again the Russian economy has strong fundamentals.

There are issues with policy and organization, but they are not fundamental. Saker has asked many times of those claiming Putin will betray Donbass: Given Putin's record up Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug now is there anything there to suggest he will do that. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Russia is superbly led. But that does not mean that it won't take any hits.

Even the best led armies take casualties in battle. Where Putin is, there is where victory lies ; Like I had commented earlier, I suspect Putin is giving the 5th column enough rope to hang themselves. Then he will act. To all those not understanding the central bank problem. The director of the CB is approved by the State,but cannot be fired!. The term of office can only be brought to an end prematurely by illness,death or indictable offences,proposed changes to central bank legislation must be submitted to the bank for 'their' approval.

All the above is written into the Russian Constitution,and requires a large majority vote to alter. To create Roubles the CBR must hold dollars at a ratio of their system was designed by the US 'experts' for western interests. When a country Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug a member of the IMF they are not allowed to tie there currency to gold.

Switzerland had the most respected Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug was compelled to join and sell lots of it's gold reserves, perhaps you will remember the AIPAC charges of stealing the assets of holohoax victims.

Forget what Lagarde says,the IMF is based in Washington and does as it is told. For Russia to regain financial sovereignty it can only be achieved by quitting the IMF and nationalizing the CB. Who controls the state Duma??. BTW little britain has some coal,lead and tin and very litte else. A fourth factor that I should have mentioned, among those that could stabilize the ruble, is a decline in imports. This is, obviously, a good time or anyway a much better time than recently for anyone, not just exiled oligarchs, to invest in Russian assets, e.

Things are escalating quickly. Now most of western banks have halted rouble trade. This happened exactly at lowest possible point where strong bounce should be expected as traders should cover their shorts and some sideline traders would like to buy some roubles cheaply.

You can't bet against the house, folks. This is coordinated speculative attack on rouble. Someone shorted the hell out of rouble and then traders who would like to take the opposite side were blocked 'by decree'.

If you still believe this is properly working market then I have a bridge for you I can cheaply sell. We are in the midst of severe financial war so hot that rules and contracts are now being broken by westerners Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug just like in Mistral case where Russia likely won't see either Mistrals nor money.

On one hand potential damage to Russia is huge. On the other side this looks like sign of desperation. Should Russia withstand this siege which I think Echte Spielautomaten so programmieren, dass sie oil shouldWest will be out of tricks except for going to [suicidal] war.

Russia now has to start up its own click of SWIFT it's being tested as we speak and disentangle from western financial system. Political incentives for doing so have been building up for some time and since Monday will only accelerate.

Push hard for replacing incompetent idiots sabotaging Putin's work - strong popular support for purging 5-th column is what VVP needs right Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug. Some folks from Starikov party are already at this, picketing in support for Putin to replace crooks.

Or, if you prefer to be laid back about it: Sure enuf--details this web page the cardboard cutout al ciad'uh operative monis aka Willie Wonkers. Comment from Zero Hedge: Stumpy's picture Vote up! Over past weeks they continued to post that Putin was protecting Syria and would never let it fall.

Blind to the destruction and that jets Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug fly to the outskirts of the capital and bomb targets. The talk about how Putin could destroy the US by going to a gold standard. Yet they also talk about how Wladiwostok Online-Casino he's mad, NOW he gonna do something. Going to a gold standard has too many land mines, Putin will not do it and it will not wipe out the US.

Otherwise, why has he not done so? They claim the new SWIFT alternative will be equal to SWIFT. The alternative will handle Russian funds, at some point it may do so well, but I not do not see global impact. No matter what they claim Putin is wiinning, the appearance of inaction and Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug is just Putin playing chess. No matter what they claim NOW Putin is going Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug do something big.

Putin works for the elite in Russia. They took easy profits instead of making Russia stronger over the past 10 yrs. The SWIFT alternative should have been built at the same time as SWIFT. The pipelines to Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug and an alternative route around Ukraine should have been in place years ago. Putin never forced the reinvestment in Russia's economy but allowed the elite to rake in greater profits. These volatile movements show Russia's internal ecomomic stability may become very bumpy.

There are signs covert act of terrorism are increasing in Russia, we will see if that continues. Putin does not act. Putin is working to slow the Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug enough that the west continue reading negotiate with him and the elites to allow them to maintain political control while the west ravages the resources rentabel ein Online-Casino zu öffnen Russia or to allow them safe haven and their riches if Russia collapses once again.

The fact that Russia in in this position and so far behind building it's alternative and ecomomic strength shows Putin is not a master chess player. When times were good they put extra profits in their pockets, now they are weak and it may be too Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug. Check this out, Iraq2, Libya, Syria, Iran, Serbia, Kosovo, Cyprus, Ukraine and on and on.

I fear Russia's new friends in South America are in for trouble soon as well. Wrong on all counts. This kind of reminds me of the two guys that tried to rob Chuck Norris at knifepoint. He was reported to have said to them 'are you serious? I cant beleive that Nabiullina acted completely of her own accord or that VV was taken by surprise by this. There are some amusing possibilities.

He's gonna require payment for Russian oil and gas in rubles having cornered the ruble market at very low prices making the "shorts" pay through the nose to cover their positions.

No nation can remain sovereign without issuing its own currency. Adopting source Yuan is a non-starter.

Russia is not really fighting the oil and Ruble fall, as Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug is better in the long run, to wait until the private energy companies go click here in need of dollars, and Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug buy both the oil companies and rubles, when both the Ruble and the oil price flattens out. This means that the combination of the Social Democratic Party, the Left, and the Greens have a Majority in the German Parliament.

There could be Parliamentarians in the Social Http:// Party SDPwho do not want to be in such a Coalition, and there could be Parliamentarians in the Left and the Greens, who do not want Germany to be a Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug Country, and they might support a Minority SDP Government.

The way a Minority SDP Government for Germany would work is for the Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug and the Greens to always support the Minority Government on Confidence motions, and on a Non Nazi Foreign Policy, and on Most or All Spending, Budgetary, and Revenue matters.

The other Legislation and Government Business would be decided by a Majority of the Parliamentarians in the German Parliament. This will help concentrate all of the roubles inside the country and to assign their price independently, while holding and then releasing more money to the market Iran lived under sanctions for many decades, and still managed to develop Nuclear weapons to protect itself against aggression from the US and its western cronies Last time i look, Iran is still on the map along with countries like North Korea, Cuba etc Russia economy and power are many times over the size of these countries.

To think Russia will fold all of a sudden after some currency losses is just absurd. Putin and other BRICS economy know the WAR including economic,pshcological etc has started long time ago Any government will take counter measures.

Of course there will be losses on both sides, but businesses, government and co-operation that act against Russia will definitely bear the brunt of counter-measures. Dear The Saker, I think your knee jerk reaction is exactly what the AZ cabal want everyone to do - panic - people need to stay calm and be patient.

Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug will get worse before it gets better. I note Medvedev has called a meeting with CB and the economic ministers - will be interesting http: Looks like a statement has just been made: Anyway, all new deals are in local currency not USD - so should Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug. At the same time the ECHR has gone against Russia vs Yukos. It Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug all come back and bite these idiots - the boomerang effect.

The conflict between Russia and the West is not over the Ukraine, it is over the value of the dollar and US bank hegemony over Russia. This is ECONOMIC warfare, which is good if it keeps us from having a nuclear war. The US state department managed the coup in the Ukraine in retaliation for Russian attack on the US dollar. Putin attacked the dollar by saying the US government will never be able to pay and by investing in gold. As Russia organized the BRICs to drop the dollar in trading, the US retaliated by sending oil prices lower by Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug its vassal Saudi Arabia to pump all the oil it could.

The US banks are able to manage or rig most markets because of its ability to print as many dollars as they want. Russia should have been ready for this Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug attack as this is exactly what the US did in the 90s to put the old Soviet Union on slotoking ukrainische Online-Casinos im Internet ropes. Why weren't they ready for this?

The gold should help. Actually, this could be the crisis that motivates Russia to reform it banks and currency by backing the currency with gold. I think this is what needs Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug be done. Back the ruble with gold and oil. Bottom line - Russia should use this crisis as an opportunity to back their currency with gold.

I would say gold and oil, but oil is currently being manipulated down. This would send huge shock waves through the banking system as all other currencies are fiat currencies backed by "the good faith and credit of the US government. Don't call me a hurray patriot, but surely we didn't think the West was going to stand back and let Putin de-dollarize Casino-Spiel Geld Rubel für. Is this crisis existential or real?

In the near term? No paralysis by over analysis. Where did you read about the Chinese currency being devalued? The Chinese yuan is pegged to the US dollar like a leech. It can only move up or down by very small amounts. It has mostly been moving up for the past few years. Censor only the impolite. Let the trolls be part of the click at this page. There is something to learn from every expression. Those seeking truth should not be insulated from folly, but rather inoculated against it.

Russia should definitively nationalize its banks. It needs to implement state capitalism. China keeps control of its banks but allows foreign capital and investments. To be a free market liberal today means endorsement of casino capitalism and the whole fraudulent derivatives market that led to the worldwide recession caused by the US in So how could Putin possibly think "free market" works?

The US government has Medikamentenratgeber Spielautomaten jetzt zu spielen, ohne Registrierung und SMS Vorteil: to end up printing Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug to back the banks.

Russia would have to follow that "free market" policy. Putin does deserve some i Roulette echtes Geld criticism around this.

What about Russia's communist party? What do they say? Another wild thought, please take it with grain of salt. What if Putin actually wants rouble to be severely devaluated? Surely this does not mean he wants such Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug as we've seen lately, yet steady but HUGE devaluation might actually be a plan. I'm thinking about Euroasian Union, Customs Union, etc. It created huge imbalance - 'Giant sucking sound' as Ross Perot eloquently described it.

Russians would come to a Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug that they need to adjust their economy somewhat before opening borders to such countries as India or Vietnam. It might be painful at first but later on it will bring profits in a form of general competitiveness of domestic producers. Given that russian authorities mostly Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug up on integration with the West, chasing western salaries and accompanying high cost of living might be a problem rather than benefit.

American salaries might Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug high but due to absurd costs of basic services it makes life miserable for most citizens. German transcript, first 16 minutes: Die Wirtschaft als Waffe gegen Russland Es Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug ja nicht das erstemal, dass zu dem Thema Ukraine und EU hier gesprochen wird.

Wir haben dieses Jahr schon 2 Veranstaltungen dazu. Eine zum EU-Assoziationsabkommen, über das der Jankukowitsch gestolpert ist, aber auch zum Konflikt mit Russland um den Besitz der Ukraine um: Es ist schon 2x darüber geredet worden.

Jetzt ist die Absicht es heute mal anders anzugehen. Nämlich lassen wir die Sache einfach mal stehen. Ja, es findet jenseits der Begründungen warum Russland das nicht darf just click for source der Westen das darf und der Würdigung der Begründungen, jenseits dessen befassen wir uns mal mit den Mitteln der Auseinandersetzung. Lassen wir einfach stehen, ja, es findet ein Kampf um den Einfluss und die Herrschaft auf und die Herrschaft über Osteuropa statt.

Es gibt eine Auseinandersetzung um die Frage, gehört die Ukraine zum Westen oder gehört sie zu Russland oder darf Russland da auf einen besonderen Einfluss bestehen.

Der Kampf findet statt von Russland aus mit der Besetzung der Krim mit dem Schüren des Aufstands im Osten der Ukraine, im Donbass und vom Westen her mit der Unsterstützung, mit der Rückendeckung für die Kiever Regierung und ursprünglich auch mit dem vom Westen unterstützten und arrangierten Umsturz in der Ukraine. Auch mit dem militärischen Aufmarsch rund um den russischen Machtbereich herum.

NATO-Manöver in der Ukraine, NATO-Truppen im Baltikum, im schwarzen Meer und mit dem allgemeinen Aufrüstungsbeschluss den die NATO gefällt hat. Der Hauptpunt des Kampfes im Augenblick ist allerdings, der sogenannte Wirtschaftliche. Es ist so, dass Wirtschaftssanktionen als Kriegsersatz diskutiert wird. Man will Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug Wirtschaftssanktionen check this out erreichen, was eigentlich nur mit Waffen zu erreichen ist - ein Rückzug Russlands aus Osteuropa.

Einen Rückzug auf den Raum der russischen Förderation und dem Aufgeben der Machtansprüche über das sogenannte nahe Ausland, was von Russland Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug neansprucht wird. Dem will man begegnen mit Wirtschaftssanktionen. Interessant ist, dass die Mächte, die das tun, also im wesentlichen die EU und die USA, dass diese Mächte ihren Wirtschaftssanktionen die Aufgabe stellen, aber click die Leistung zutrauen, sowas herbeizuführen, den anderen Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug so zu schwächen, dass er sein aussenpolitisches AUftreten, was er für sein Recht hält, nicht mehr leisten kann.

Mit diesem Wirtschaftssanktionen, mit den ökonomischen Kampfmassnahmen, stossen die Regierung im Inland Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug wenig Widerspruch. Speziell Leute, die früher oder heute noch den Grünen anhängen, haben überhaupt kein Problem damit, den Zweck der Kampfmassnahmen zu billigen bloss weil die unblutige Wirtschaftskriegsmittel daherkommen.

Krieg würden sie ablehnen, aber Wirtschaftskrieg, damit haben sie kein Problem damit. Da muss man auch nicht so kleinlich prüfen, ob man den ZWeck eigentlich billigt oder andersherum: Und so wird an der Stelle mal was gemacht, wo man wirklich mal sagen muss: Protest gibt es halblaut nur, man will ja nicht unpatriotisch sein, von Seiten der deutschen Wirtschaft.

Muss man erstmal sagen: Die haben ja die Lasten dieser ökonomischen Kriegsführung zu tragen. Also von der Seite und vom Handelsblatt, dem Sprachrohr dieser Richtung, da gibt's einerseits sehr viel Verständnis für Russland und andererseits den Vorwurf, was hier geschehe wäre ein Missbrauch der Wirtschaft.

Missbrauch der Wirtschaft für politische Zwecke. Aber nur halblaut, so richtig Front machen gegen die Sanktionspolitik wollen sie auch nicht. Deswegen heute das Thema. Wie funktioniert das eigentlich, dass die Wirtschaft, der Waren und Kapitalverkehr zwischen den Nationen, also Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug, was man eigentlich als den friedlichen Verkehr kennt, Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug das als Waffe Verwendung finden kann. Und Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug wessen Händen ist es eine Waffe und gegen welchen Gegner welcher Art funktioniert diese Waffe.

Das weitere, was dabei geprüft werden soll ist die Frage: Dazu jetzt eine erste These: Der Gebrauch der Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug Wirtschaftsbeziehungen als Waffe, ihr Umschmieden zu Waffen, gibt's nur, weil sie vorneherein welche sind.

Die Wirtschaftsbeziehungne werden nicht erst durch Abbruch und Entzug, das ist ja das, was man mit Sanktionen macht, durch Abbruch und Entzug zum Machtinstrument von Staaten, sondern sie sind von Anfang an Machtinstrumente. Fangen wir mal vom Phänomen her an: Sanktionen sind der Gebrauch der friedlichen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen zur Schwächung und Schädigung des Partners, des Handelspartners und zwar dadurch, dass man ihm die Beziehungen entzieht - dass man den Wirtschaftsverkehr abbricht, teilweise oder ganz.

In sofern ist klar, einen anderen Staat kann man mit Wirtschaftssanktionen nur schädigen, wenn man in wirtschaftlichen Beziehungne steht. Es ist direkt trivial, während der Zeit des kalten Krieges gegen den Ostblock oder heute gegen Nordkorea hilft sowas nichts.

Nur Staaten, die sich zu diesem kapitalistischen Weltwirtschaftssystem bekennen, die sich einordnen in die Ordnung, die in der durch die Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug des Spin Palace Casino 24 Spielautomaten für Geld online spielen durch den Austausch mit anderen durch die Benutzung der Reichtumsquellen anderswo und dadurch, dass sie ihre eigenen zur Verfügung stellen, nur solche muss man erstmal sagen, nur solche Staaten kann überhaupt damit treffen.

Darauf setzen die Europäer und die USA, wenn sie gegenüber Russland und den Verkauf von auch militärisch nutzbaren Dual-Use-Gütern verbieten. The ideal financial future for Russia is one where its currency is the freely emitted debt-free creation of the state, backed by all the resources at its command, including a store of gold, and redeemable for gold from the central bank on demand.

That will in Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug natural swoop solve the various problems that exercise Soviet-style Rube-Goldberg economic minds such as Orlov and Glaziev.

Getting to that happy position happens to be against the IMF rules that govern the Russian central bank, a parasitic entity transplanted into Russia at a time when it was most vulnerable. To change the charter of the central bank in accordance with law requires a legislative supermajority.

That is the final piece of the puzzle. The replacement for the SWIFT system was due in a few months, but last week it was reported that it was about to become operational by now, ready for testing in select banks. The user interface is the same as with the SWIFT system, so it will be painless for Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug all over the world to adopt Getting the change of the central bank charter needs a severe crisis, well-managed.

Spielplätze für Geld spielen has already promised something adequate as a response to the next round of sanctions. Let us pray it is handled well. The dollar is in a death-dance, taking other fiat currencies along with it. A gold-backed rouble will be an anchor of stability for more than Russia alone.

The end of the dollar will be hard for everyone, but the end of dollar seignorage will, if anything will short of Armageddon, put paid to America's military adventures. Was wird eigentlich bei Sanktionen benutzt? Es wird die Abhängigkeit, die sich andere von einem geben, dadurch, dass sie in Benutzungsverhältnisse eintreten, die Abhängigkeit in die sich andere von einem begeben, die wird als dessen Schwäche ausgenutzt.

Dass sich das andere Land an die Beziehungen gewöhnt hat, dass es die Lieferungen braucht, Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug es die Exporte, die laufen, nötig hat für die Reproduktion der eigenen Wirtschaft und damit des eigenen Landes, das wird als dessen Schwäche benutzt und das ist erstmal nichts, was erst im Wirtschaftskrieg wirksam wird, sondern was von Anfang an die immer begleitende Seite der geschäftlichen Nutzung anderer Länder ist.

Wenn Staaten sich in den Geschäftsverkehr begeben, dann wissen sie, dass sie sich auf Abhängigkeiten einlassen und sie wissen, dass sie Abhängigkeiten stiften. Andere brauchen dann ihre Leistungen und Lieferungen und was auch immer. Und dass sie Abhängigkeiten stiften ist gewollt und bezweckt und dass sie Abhängigkeiten eingehen ist immer das begleitende Problem internationaler Geschäftsbeziehungen.

Im Wirtschaftskrieg wird eigentlich das ganze Verhältnis nur geständig, was im Wirtschaftsfrieden die dauernde Begleitung des Waren- und Kapitalverkehrs ist.

Die stehen nicht wie ein Geschäftsmann in einem kapitalistischen Land unter dem Gesetz des Landes, sondern sie sind selber höchste Sourveräne. Also um dem eigenen Land, um der eigenen Nationalökonomie einem Zuwachs an Reichtum an Geldverdienen zu sichern und damit sich selbst als Macht gegenüber anderen Mächten zu stärken.

In Gar Alperovitz in an Opinion piece published in the NY Times wrote the following which I have excerpted which is a call for nationalism of banks that are too big to regulate: The Nobel laureate George J. Simons did not shrink from the obvious conclusion: You can choose what you want to believe, but the answer is supply and demand.

A currency's long term value is determined by its underlying economic trade. It is suicidal to attempt to hold a currency's value above its natural level But you can hold it down by buying and storing forigne currency, as is happening in china. Capital transfers and releasing global reserves can only have a temporary effect, look to Er eine große Menge an underlying trading position, thats ALL that matters.

Pushing interest rate high is also suicidal. Its has no effect on underlying trading position, signals panic, and damages domestic economy.

This is s clear sign the central bank are incompetent or corrupt. Let the Ruble fall to its natural level, whatever that may be. It Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug not be pleasant but trying to stop it will burn up your capital reserves and achieve nothing.

Forget Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug nonsense of gold reserves, Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug who don't understand money get confused by this. Money does not get its value from shinny metal. Would this be an effect of falling oil prices, are oil values determined by contract or spot market. Your "1 Create a State Bank for Economic Development, whose ONLY activity is to provide loans to every domestic non-financial enterprise, for investment and Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug capital purpose, and to families, for the purchase of the home or flat where to live, I hope and suspect this is already in progress.

Your "2 Forbid by law any short sale i. However may be impractical as lack any controls over foreign transactions and Currency Exchanges. A "Rentenruble" or 2nd currency for domestic use only, would permit easier control of foreign Ruble transactions. A "'Rentenruble ", backed by hard assets as you mention, would be quickly accepted by Russians internally.

It would temporarily replace the Ruble, thus Rubles would not be available at any central-bank mechanism so the Ruble Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug not have convertability, only the Rentenruble [which would not be recognized legal tender outside Russia and thus stops foreign speculation attacks.

Here I quote Hjalmar Schacht for clarity: From Account Settled, Hjalmar Schacht ". Whenever they went out to buy food they were involved in a hopeless struggle against the depreciation of the mark.

The wages of their menfolk ran through their fingers like water even when, as was finally the case, they were paid daily, In this extraordinarily difficult situation the authorities called upon me to put a stop to the depreciation of the mark and stabilize the currency. All in all, this struggle with the speculators over the rate of exchange lasted eight months. It was waged with vigour and determination, and private interests were ruthlessly ignored in the of the community a whole.

My victory did not make me popular. Even the experts did not always grasp my methods, which contradicted every classical theory, and the great mass of the people naturally failed to understand the significance of what was taking place.

But everything depends on initiative, on the ability to seize an opportunity, on vigorous action. All those currency projects which embody new ideas and suggestions for establishing automatically functioning principles are fruitless. It is not a question Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug the percentage of gold or bills behind the notes in circulation, or of note control, or continue reading discount rate, but simply and solely a matter of the temperature and the pulse of economic life.

In monetary policy, just as in medical therapy, correct diagnosis is the secret of successful treatment. All that is required after that is vigour and determination in carrying out the recovery plan.

That is guidance for all who hope to cure a Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug. Look, it's fairly simple: Oh, and all Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug who have erected Western style fiat ponzi scheme institutions in Russia are all cabal's moles, all of them! Bring the ruble out of fiat ponzi scheme and the Rothschild's scum rules regarding it, and it shall prosper. All fiat currencies are going down soon enough. In the long run none of it shall survive, it's just the question of how well is someone skilled in tricks and illusions regarding that system, and I'd say Russin are clearly not very skilled at it: I'd say that Russins are even less talented for fiat ponzi machinations than they are for propaganda, so they should not try to play that game at all and all, or most, financial, bankster vermin in Russia are in fact cabal's workers, they work for the globalist City of London empire -- so that something one has to have in mind as well And also lets not forget the most important, a thousand yrs old history lesson regarding fiat ponzi scheme: Bring in the honest money, link the ruble with gold and silver, and quit with that ponzi play.

Mr Saker, check this out: In his book Geithner reveals Obama et al flirted with idea Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug nationalization of Citigroup at one time. Putin doesn't live in America.

He doesn't need to flirt, he should act. What is the potential for Russia to Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug up Rubles from Western banks at fire sale prices and then price contracts in scarce roubles? Does this approach mentioned in "Rouble vs. Dollar Games - From a Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug of a Russian Businessman" work?

As an aside, see the Dmitry Medvedev two part Manifesto on Ukraine that clearly states the dire situation Ukraine is facing: A Prize Neither Russia Nor the West Can Afford to Win By: Gaddy and Barry W. How Medvedev and lavrov singlehandedly resurrected almost defunct nato. He and is inner circles of lavrov helped the West destroy Libya.

The ONLY goal for most economies is to have a STABLE currency. That is because most have a fairly proportionate trade balance. Any exporting country surely benefits from a devaluation of their currency and the opposite for countries that mostly rely on imports.

Russia exports stuff that the others cannot make or dig up from the ground. To we need to give examples of petrocarbons, minerals, timber, weapons, nuclear fuel vs.

In the longer run, a lower Russian rouble can only boost the Russian economy. Oh did I mention government budget surplus? Well yes, in the short run, iPads, cars will be more expensive. BUT - a worker doesnt eat dollars. As long as these are sourced in roubles domestically it should not hurt anyone. About the interest rates: Dont go the speculators and short sellers and futures and options and CFDs It is against any school book theory. There is an attack on the Russian economy.

The Central Bank of Russia is an Enemy of the State. Raising the interest rate is contrary to ANY relevant financial logic. In some, utopian, free market circumstances one could argue that: How about Russian bonds? It has nothing to do with stabilizing the currency — it is an excuse to ruin the economy. Yes but only IF that rate is meant to STAY in place and throttle the economy but Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug I f it is merely a ploy to encourage the speculat ors and "short " sellers of the r o uble so that when roubles are required for the purchase of Russian oil and gas the rouble pric e will rise.

This is a country where 20 years ago people stood in line for toilet paper. Wanna hear some Soviet jokes? What is yards and eats potatoes? A Moscow queue waiting to buy meat. Even more, this is a country that lost 30 million lives and God only knows how many crippled and traumatizedin living memory". Actually, om proportionate terms, German suffering in the last years almost equals the Russian experience].

The farce of the central bank and the interest rates should be clear even to grade-school kids. They will clearly know who is guilty. Why is Putin tolerating this? Because it is the final straw that will be used to break the petro-dollar's back! I belive it is because he knows things Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug to get worse before they get better. I think he knows that the public need to realize what this 5. Remember that famous clip from around where Putin "rounds up" the biggest oligarchs includin Khodorkovsky and tells them how it is going to be pay taxes, stay out of politics etc.

Well at that point the people were Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug with the oligarchs. They knew that they were the ones robbing them. There was no from the general Russian population on the oligarchs? Or the "newly rich".

I believe that this is his strategy, make people realize how Evil the 5th column and the Central Bank etc really are, before making a popular even if legally dubious maneuver to remove them. If I were an investor, I wouldn't trust Russia unless she cleaned house and stood on the solid ground of her generous resources.

But I'm not an investor; in fact, I consider investors to be the scum of the earth, exploiting everywhere and pushing to the brink, doing nothing constructive, using other people's money and lives Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug stockpile their own. The system is rotten but we're so addicted to it that we can't see it as murderous; weak kneed, faint hearted and brain scattered as we are from being part of it.

Who doesn't want to save the system? Only fools and madmen like myself who consider those enslaved by the system to be the Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug fools and madmen posing as saviors and wisemen.

Yes, I know there Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug exceptions but they only prove the rule, and there are investments that do not divest nor involve usury. Ukrainian crisis has been gooing on for over 8 months now and the situation is not getting better. It is on the verge of a catastrophy. Many of you seem to be enamored with Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug way Mr. Putin has this U.

Putin is only reacting to the environment of his own making. Putin began economic reforms in the early s the Russian Federation would have a more diversified economy that could better withstand crisis like this. Putin failed to stamp out corruption that is present in all levels of Russian society including the military. Putin became president in yet any substantive reform of the military began only a few years ago.

Therefore, the military might that is being portrayed here the Russians is a hoax and a bluff to the "West", nuclear forces notwithstanding.

Yes the Russians have just click for source weaponds systems that are technologically advanced. However, their numbers are vastly inadequate for any confrontation with NATO.

It would take a week or two for NATO to overwhelm the Russian air defenses and to gain air superiority and then its the end of the road for the Russian ground forces. If this wasn't the case, I am sure that Mr. Putin would have used his military advantage to overrun all of Ukraine at the same time that Russian forces secured Crimea.

By doing so, all of the bloodshed and NATO posturing would have been prevented. Yes the "West" would have levied sanctions on Russia but that is the case today. It is also underlined by NATO comfortably arming the Ukrainian army. For those of you who think that Novorussia will survive, you are gravely mistaken.

The Donbass region is a barganing chip to be used to secure Crimea. Without Donbass, Ukraine has little to offer the "West", therefore, it is vital for Ukraine that the Donbass region remains within it's borders. Europeans are not interested in a military conflict with Russia. In the next few weeks, it will become clear that the war in Donbass will be scaled down. Lavrov has clearly stated Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug Donbass should remain as part of Ukraine.

Ultimately, Russia doesn't have the resources to prop up this region that will need billions to rebuild it's infrastructure, it's factories, it's mines. As soon as possible Mr. Putin must begin badly needed reforms to the Russia's economy before any remaining intelectuals leave the country. By rebuilding factories to western standards, fostering entreprenuership, and providing check this out financing Russian can Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug improve the economy and be able to have stronger voice in Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug affairs.

Until then, Russia will be reacting rather than leading. From Moscow Times,it looks like Russian people can speak for themselves. Oksana Dmitriyeva, a member of the social democratic A Just Russia party, told radio station Kommersant FM that, for once, she agreed with Zhirinovsky.

The deputies were joined in their disapproval by Boris Titov, who Putin appointed last year to the newly established Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug of business ombudsman. You can't put Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug people into a jail if you don't have enough evidence.

You Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug to catch the thief exactly during his action! Everything is in perfect order and as the astrologers predicted that the Pluto will make a huge Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug around the earth, it is just happening. Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug has plenty enough riches and they will survive no matter what. Putin like the liberal economy because he also has experienced what visit web page of lazy people communist regime can produce, at the same time you will always have a very productive people with the vision, no matter article source kind of regime you will have.

I believe Russia needs to coordinate this with China, who are also tired of the currency games played with US controlled "world reserve currency". I'm pretty sure there have been talks about situations like Mobile Online-Casino Geld in the BRICS meetings.

Now is the time to show the BRICS can Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug act, and work as an alternative to the dollar system. My two kopeki of person with some economics studies: There are ways to bypass it, and it is probably too late.

Also, you can operate naked shorts with roubles practically everywhere. Since the time finance lost touch with real Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug these moves are unstoppable - If even you could save the rouble they would start attacking bonds or something else. In Italy was Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug to her knees and forced to a change of government simply by speculating against her sovereign debt - Nabiulina was supported and promoted by Putin, strange as it may seem.

I don't even mention snakes in the grass like "brother" Turkey Sum. Exceptional measures are needed. I personally would repeal contracts with the West, becuase of its aggression, and demand payment for gas, metals and the like in gold - not even roublesyou would prop up this web page game.

It would be some kind of economic earthquake, especially now at Midwinter, but it would show reaction to the action. I am afraid there is not much other left by now.

Maybe the RCB interest rate hike is a financial judo move i. BTW, are Chevron and Shell no longer interested in shale in Ukraine? Yes, Putin should Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug over control of the Central Bank, drop the dollar as reference and use gold and energy in stead.

First of all, stop panicking. Click to see more, as many before me pointed out Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug until recently was not able move freely Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug domestic front.

He will soon move these 5 column bastards away from power and everybody in western pay Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug or will call it coup BY Putin. Third i think the BRICS nations and probably the OPEC to do this: FYI, ON the 14th of this month their was an editorial in the Hayat saudi owned and saudi propaganda sheet in the arab world by Ghassan Charbel explaining that the last visit of saudi FM to Moskow turned sour the russians refusing the saudi proposal to kick out of their jobs 40 syrian dignitaries with at their head Pres.

AlAssad,The editorial continued that the oil price will continue to fall till the Russians come to their sense in Syria accept the proposed Diktat.

This is a join american-saudi strategy to destroy Russia from within. It wa sa very complicated scheme and sort of worked, even while dead wrong. The Russian economy can collapse only to Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug extent that it is tied to external and world economies -- internally the production, consumption, and flow of goods still runs.

Is the Rubel collapsing? The dollar -- artificially propped up by any number of fraudulent schemes. One of the rich guys -- Soros? If Russia stops selling Rubels it doesn't matter how low the price outsiders offer.

Remember that much of these mechanizations are done by the people who dealt in second and third order ridiculous derivatives, which lost any real meaning. The local party head asks the farmer how wheat production is doing. But now there IS wheat and many other real goods. It's time people understood that there are no dollars, or rubles, or any other sort of crazy abstract financial scoring points that have much meaning in terms of the tangible economy. Just keep the real economy going and when the currency bubbles collapse the nations with sound real economies will be left standing -- don't fall for trap of cutting production and other real things for the sake of silly pieces of paper and electronic financial statements.

In the short term there are considerations about keeping foreign investments and foreign businesses, many of which would prefer to continue friendly cooperation - win-win.

Ordinary americans and europeans would benefit. Since switching over to gold would be a blow to the Us elites they probably would force foreign businessmen to unwillingly opt out. Part 1 of 2 In a nut shell the Russian Ruble is falling against the US Dollar because the oil price is dropping and Russia is a major oil exporter. Other major oil exporters are getting hammered as well.

Nigeria is struggling, stock markets in the middle east are tanking. The Norwegian Krone is falling as is the Canadian Dollar. The market is worried about a default on Russian debt.

This is mostly Russian company debt rather than government. The things that I find really interesting about the situation is that the Russian government budget is in surplus, Russia's exports exceed its imports, Russia is a net creditor i. The factors in the previous paragraph should be supporting the Ruble. So the obvious question is why aren't they? The answer is that exchange rates are not based on trade flows i.

If people think the ruble will fall then they start to short it click it now then buy it when it cheaper after it has fallen.

If more people are shorting it than going long i. Of Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug this becomes a self-reinforcing trend and thus leads to over-shooting i. Eventually it reaches a point where something triggers Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug reversal e. At this point with more people thinking the ruble will rise rather than fall the majority want to buy Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug to benefit from its rise.

The demand for rubles increases and the price starts to rise. This encourages more people to go long and the those holding short positions get squeezed. At this point the people going short on the ruble start to freak out and want to close out their positions which involves buy rubles.

Isn't this a great game? So if you want the ruble to rise i. Exporting more is one way as it either brings in rubles if the foreign importer pays in rubles or foreign currency which can be Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug to buy the rubles on the open market.

Continued in part 2. Part 2 of 2. Continued from part 1. Now one those curious things about Russia is that it has a large amount of capital flight each year. This is not foreigners withdrawing the money that they put in earlier. If it was it would end i. The other curious ursächlicher Ruby Fortune Glück Spiel um echtes Geld schmerzen is that Russian firms are selling in dollars and then Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug bring the money to Russia and converting it to rubles.

Instead they park it their foreign bank accounts which companies have set up to hold their funds. These previous two curiosities imply a need for changes to laws. Basically it click at this page that capital controls are required. Chile even does this for foreign capital if it is not left in Chile for long enough.

While capital controls that make it harder or more expensive to get money out of Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug country do tend to discourage people from putting their money in there is another dimension to this. Of course not all money is as good for an economy. Hot money der Karten für Geld Casino-Land ist in die die Entnahme von Geld aus der Casino-Krone zur - quickly in and then quickly out typically only servers the "inverter" actually a speculator and the banks through which it flows.

Somebody setting up a business in Russia and bringing in money to do so is far more beneficial the Russia economy. Even someone buying an existing business in Russia from Russians is effectively increasing the amount of capital in Russia which can be used to start new business or expand existing ones.

This brings me to my almost final point which is that Russian firms would probably stop borrowing in foreign currency if there were local sources of finance. After all then you don't have to worry about things like the exchange rate making your repayments suddenly much more expensive In the medium to longer term Russia needs to build up its financial sector to bridge this funding gap. Property rights in Russia are an area Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug are still viewed with trepidation in other countries.

After all no one wants to invest and then lose it when the government takes it away. So good courts of law and solid property rights would help. Of course a plot read more land in Russia, a stand of timber or a well run business is still what it was two months ago. If you think things will get better then it is time to buy if you can. And if they decide to attack back as they should ,then WW3 could destroy us all.

The US,Europe,and Russia are certainly goners. Second,unlike your idiotic claim Russia has NEVER "threatened" to annex Eastern Ukraine or the Baltic States. I dare you to post any time they did. If the Russian communist party was led by capable men then that idea would not look so crazy. Unfortunately though, Zyuganov would be a massive step down from putin.

Now that you mention it, I remember when the Western press were rejoicing about Putin's first electoral victory in There were claims of ballot rigging back then as well. I don't know if true. I tend to agree with what you are claiming there. The financial so called free markets are the exclusive domain of the US the UK and to a lesser extent France, Switzerland, Japan and a little bit the benelux and Germany.

There is no way for Russia to compete with the west on their patch. Russia must find ways to fund her economy without the west having any part of it. In fact your suggestion that Russia should adopt the yuan seems like a very interesting and doable idea.

Central Bankers suppressing Russian economy https: I think this explains what happened Saker: Russia pulled a Volcker and jacked rates up suddenly, so whoever was shorting the ruble was completely destroyed if they didn't get out of their position about as fast as possible.

Very, very well connected players. So, yes, Russia DID short squeeze and the US pulled another MF Global style save of their insider asses at everyone elses expense.

But I think this is more a sign of weakness than anything else because despite their "insider-ness" they totally didn't see this coming Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug maybe Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug aren't really all that clever. Kat Kan I have seen reports that Crimea border move was negotiated by jccc at about the same time as the latest ceasefire, and apparently by the same people. Rationale for that was given that a while ago, an Ukrainian village Strelkovoe at Crimea border moved border posts so it ended up on Crimean side.

There is gas pumping station in the village. Ukraine claims that Russia agreed to do it by 9 December, but this did not happen in practice http: You are in fact right. Russia is in serious trouble but if president Putin takes the right steps then Russia will come out stronger.

But Venezuela is really under extreme pressure for the time being. It is quite conceivable Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug the bolivarian movement will be drowned by the pro-American fascists in Caracas. I agree with Coldish, watch out for the currency and commodity speculators. They are reason 4 all by themselves. The ruble got attacked after the Georgia war and that was separate from any "sanctions.

Oh, and the US State Department has a direct line to currency traders and includes manipulation in its bag of tricks. Russia or Brazil will never had full Depository Europa Casino Auszahlungen ist of finances. Brazil external debt is a fraction or US debt, why US risc is lesser? Monetary policy is a political issue.

Putin ought act for discipline the conditions of actors of financial Market. Link the ruble to gold and silver standard. This is exactly what is happening. The intention is to panic those who actually own real roubles to sell them before they are worthless and therefore allow those shorting the rouble to cover their position. The problem is that these are only paper roubles being traded.

Russia as a nation is still there and still the same size the last time I looked. It also has minimal debts compared to the value of its assets and a positive income.

In other words quite creditworthy. Certainly in comparison to the USA I would suggest very creditworthy. So Putin doesn't actually have to do very much. In judo terms his opponent is charging towards him with an incredible amount of ferocity and energy. All he has to do is step aside at the last second and let them crash into the wall.

Maybe give them a bit of a flick on the way through to up the velocity. Do you think Putin will go begging to Wall Street? One thing is quite clear: Russia does not have expertise in monetary management. With some formal training in Economics, I point out the following omissions, actions that should have been taken 6 months ago: Set administrative exchange rates; 5 Backup that is guarantee the foreign central banks' holdings of Ruble by a basket of gold, Chinese Yuan, select other currencies - but not the dollar or the Euro; The problem is that when Russia switched from socialism to what they thought is capitalism, they neither understood the different strands of capitalist economic thought, nor grasped that capitalism at Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug can be built only in stages, and that in the beginning stages external economic relations and monetary management MUST be Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug and cannot be left to the so called "free market" forces.

I think a whole generation of Russians has been badly schooled in Economics and is rendered even more silly by their wild-eyed enamour of the "capitalist paradise". Real world management of capitalist economies is very different to its ideology and propaganda that the Russians seem to have swallowed wholesale. Precedents for steps 1 through 5 abound in the world - in the capitalist world at Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug Britain during the seventies, India during her mixed economy days as she was building up her economy, China in the same way, France for a long time after the war, etc.

And why is it that Putin is shy about kicking out an incompetent head of the central bank? Do you think that any Central Bank head would last more than a few hours in any Western country, especially the US, if they tried to resist the economic policy set by the Government?

The "independence" of Central Banks is a legal fiction, a matter of form only. It is the Govt that is supreme. Read Paul Samuelson's Economics a capitalist Economics to understand how Central Banks called the Federal Reserve in the US operate. Why on earth can't Russia hire Economics experts from India and China? Currency interventions and please click for source rates both have failed to save the ruble.

The next major step could be limiting the cash flow. It means hysteria and a rampant dollar black market. Back to the nineties You can't beat them at their game, you need to change the rules Hey have a look on the french Jacques Sapir own blog here two of 'em articles http: Russia's defense industry is the next target of US sanctions, due to be signed by Obama.

Chaos is the number one export of the U. Like an arsonist throwing matches. Just for this which I think is worth reading. Perhaps, in our shock at what the bankers are doing, we haven't looked far enough ahead. Russian companies have borrowed about billion in the EU. If Russia does that, it would be the financial nuclear strike learn more here unpredictable consequences, it will throw the EU into turmoil and will likely lead to collapse of the euro.

Now under the theory that I heard Russia would not formally default, only nominally private companies would stop repaying. What will it achieve. These companies buy up euros and dollars to repay their debts and they are now deprived of the source of refinancing abroad. If they refuse to pay under sanctions or because of situation Spielautomatensystems force majeure then a rouble will stabilize - the main purchasers of currency which were not present a year ago will be gone as they won't have any incentive to buy currency and b the EU banking sector and to a lesser degree US banking sector will be dealt a billion euro blow.

Considering the state the euro is in it might be the final straw and the ultimate counter sanction sanction. This is quite obvious but again who knows. I don't understand anything Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug the economy, it's just too boring. But I'm sure that there are plenty of people in Russia and elsewhere Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug do understand exactly what's going on and are on Putin's and Russia's side.

I can say only one thing learn more here backing ruble by gold would be a bad move at this time. Maybe that's the actual plan? Drop the ruble so far so as to provoke Russia to this step, and in that way buy all Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug Russian gold?

Don't filter or Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug any stupid or provocative posts, even ones calling you names, Saker. This isn't a democracy, it's your own damn blog and you can do whatever you want, but I'd prefer to see the stupidity and blindness of these people come out in the open. Makes me feel so much better knowing that I'm not one of them. Trading in the Russian Ruble suspended.

If anyone knows forex trade, please explain what it means. How is this not an act of war? I find it to be highly improbable it was a coincidence that FX cut off ruble trading a day later. Question for Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug experts: If you want Russian energy, you must pay in rubles or gold.

Der Online-Spielautomaten Casino-Land Becken more of Janet Yellen's green toilet paper that Russia can churn into gold for dollars. The other shoe will drop with a Uki re-boot of the war before Christmas. Also who is financing these requests of Russia by NATO: If Russia is spending its own money it is nothing but a SUCKER.

Current financial and consequently economical events downfall in Russia once more - this is just the last "case study" - demonstrate that most if not all economic and money theories and practices should be simply trashed as they cannot resist any serious difficulty cyclic or - as this is the case - structural crisis due to resource downgrading.

IMHO only a deep reform of the banking system towards nationalization, socialization of the whole economy corporatismzeroing the national debt and a high degree of autarchy can do the job.

Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug other words - among the others the Ezra Pound's economical recipes which worked so well in Italy in the s'.

President Putin may well be a sincere patriot but there is a huge underbrush of thieves in comparison with which Italy my country is a heaven. There is no doubt it is deliberate.

Wall Street and the City can manipulate currencies like the Ruble and the speculation against it is driven by these 2 evil Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug. Maybe this is a way to monetary reform and the return to a gold standard? A means to terminate the central bank? The Russian debts might just tip the world Wie die Maschinen mit dem Geld online von $ 100 spielen one massive chain-reaction bank default.

All Moscow need to do is to have state-owned enterprises suspend payments for western issued debt. Dear The Saker, Lots of news: UBS sees mild forms check this out capital controls: Hold onto your hats it is going to be a bumpy ride Use the north dakota model for inspiration. Limit the amount of 'golden' rubles anyone can purchase to both twice learn more here average annual income and above that to only current 'onshore' deposits on Best wishes Saker and Russia.

I could not agree more. Ezra Pound wrote about the solutions. As Imran Hosein said, you cannot beat them at their own game. You have to re-write the rules. It's time fo make bold moves. Wow alot of comments on this thread! But Saker, there was a good comment, Rouble vs. Dollar Games - From a Perspective of a Russian Businessman Zems - Live Journal " Naturally, the task is simple - auf das gibt Spiel echtes um Casino, dem Geld need to drop the rouble to the bottom, and then buy all the roubles that we can, giving away the dollars that are no longer needed and not guaranteed by anything.

This will help concentrate all of the roubles inside the country Then Russia must take the strategic decision drop the current system of backing each printed Ruble with purchased US Dollar and instead back the Ruble with Kann Geld im gewinnen energy or metals or a combo of real-word resources.

My own vote would go for gold. The Saker Saker, I know Putin won't do this because I have heard him say "Well, if I take more control of the oligarchs then what is that? Saker, what I think about the trolls is that when it becomes unbearable for you then post it on the thread so everyone can see it. That way you have a chance to read everyone else's reaction and i think that will help you.

I don't mind reading those stupid troll comments Break the link with the US dollar. Fix it to the exchange rate of oil or Yuan. Re-denominate and confiscate to a different rate for changing money beyond 1 million roubles! As far as investors go I would move to Russia and go through what they're going through What did that wonderful Lebanese poet say " grant that I am the victim and not the aggressor.

But Putin is even greater because he watches and Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug his quiet moves Just wait until the next chess move. I used to go there every day and now I don't Gold based money is like having a scale where the dial is glued in place. Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug good scale, and good currency, has a dial which reflects the true weight -- the true state of production of real goods people need and want, and the true economic activity and trading of goods.

A gold standard is silly because gold is not the same as the actual economy; a society could function wonderfully with everyone living well even if gold never existed, but was based on food, tools, housing, clothing, education and culture, and other such things. Gold is largely fiat money itself -- dependent on arbitrary supply, demand, and perception, with various manipulations to suit those with power and public voice.

Quoting Rob Kirby on Greg Hunter's USAWatchdog. They get brighter and you might think the star is getting more viable when, in reality, the notion of it getting really bright before it goes supernova is exactly the opposite of the illusion of it getting brighter.

This does not make sense? I believe as does Kirby that we are seeing the dollar's last blaze of glory and the only place to go Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug gold and silver and guess where most of it is, Russia, China, India. Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug. The Russian Central Bank's "counterattack" lasted 30 mins!

The result of the Russian Central Bank's hike in interest rates turned out to be worse then my worst nightmares: Rumor has it that the Central Bank might begin buying Rubles next, which I personally don't see as useful at this point. In the meantime, here is my own take on this which, caveat emptoris backed by ZERO personal expertise in these matters. Still, for whatever it's worth, my own speculations: The real problem is the lack of credibility of the Russian Central Bank and the Kremlin. Thus the key factor in the fall of the Ruble is distrust of the Russian authorities.

The head of the Central Bank is a notorious 5th columnist which Putin failed to fire, arrest or otherwise Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug from that position. But there is worse: Dmitri Orlov put it very well: Some people are starting to loudly criticize Putin for Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug inaction; but what Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug he do?

Ideologically, he is a statist, and has done a good job of shoring up Russian sovereignty, clawing back control of natural resources from foreign interests and curtailing foreign manipulation of Russian politics. But Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug is also an economic liberal who believes in market mechanisms and the free flow of capital. He can't go after the bankers on the basis of ideology alone, because what ideological differences are there?

And then he will Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug in and solve the ensuing political problem, as a political problem rather than as a financial one. Orlov, as always, is spot on here. Let me explain, as this is crucial: First, yes, Putin is an economic liberal.

I hate to admit it, Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug I am convinced of it. So while he is "socialist" in a sense of supporting a social state, which helps the poor, needy, sick or old, he also is a "market capitalist" in the sense that he believes that market forces should be left free to maximize the competitivity of an economy. This might be a result of seeing a pseudo- socialist system fail or because he sincerely admires the competitivity of US and other pseudo- capitalist economies, I don't know.

But there is no doubt in my mind that he is an economic liberal. Second, it would be typical Putin to let the "Atlantic Integrationist" 5th column to fail so badly as to make their removal a Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug demand of the Russian people. The problem with that is that this strategic can take a huge toll on the Russian people and economy.

Right now the situation is so bad that the value of some high visibility Russian stocks has begun to plunge. As does the Ruble. As does the price of Brent. I am not much of an economist, much less so a trader. But I have to agree with the markets here: Maybe I am naive or primitive but I see only one way to reverse this death spiral: Russian TsB and Ruble.

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Jan 6, - 4: By The Saker with comments by Ron Dec 17, - 2: Political Casino Casino Land Russian Rückzug Latest Headlines. We Are Crashing Now — Clif High. Jews rejoice as new law bans convicted racists, antisemites, holocaust deniers and homophobes for standing for public office. North Korea is Winning the Information War. Lesbian behind Disney cartoon pushing LGBT to preschoolers: Stop The Bluster - North Korea Is A Nuclear Weapon State.

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War on BDS is now a war on American democracy.

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Sehr gut und geschmackvoll ausgestattetes Haus mit viiiiiel Platz. Wir sind als 4-köpfige Familie gereist: die beiden Teenager hatten als Rückzug ihre "eigene.
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